Interested in sharing your opinions and perspectives on topical Salt Spring Island issues? Become a member of our local Salt Spring Insights research panel. You’ll have an opportunity to participate in online surveys designed to help us all better understand where we stand, and where we want to go together as a community. Share your opinions. Win rewards!


Join the Salt Spring Insights Research Panel

Why Salt Spring Insights?

By joining Salt Spring Insights, a local, online research panel, you can add your voice to ongoing conversations taking place in our community. You can also share ideas and provide input on issues affecting our island and your life.

It has been said that ‘Salt Spring is an argument surrounded by water’. Take the time to create a real conversation.

Diversity of thought is essential for any community to thrive. By participating periodically in online surveys, you can add your perspective to Salt Spring Insights and help inform decisions and actions being taken to improve life here, one issue at a time.

What is Salt Spring Insights?

Salt Spring Insights is a local, online research panel, created by two local companies, Return On Insight, a market research consultancy and Marketworks, a digital media company.

Together, we would like to enhance the quality of conversations taking place in our community, providing a safe, respectful space to express opinions and to share insights that encourage better decision making. Salt Spring Insights will always be as accurate and impartial as possible, providing a scientifically representative snapshot of public opinion here on our island.

How Does it Work?

Once you have signed up, you will receive regular invitations to participate in surveys on different topics. You are under no obligation to participate. It’s up to you.

Confidentiality is a crucial concern of ours. The information collected is kept strictly confidential and none of the answers you provide will ever be attributed to you personally. All answers are summed up and presented in aggregate to create a clear picture about how Salt Spring Islanders are feeling on the topics being researched.

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